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  • E-Mail

    To ensure quality service, all E-Mails or request will be answered right away. As soon as we received an E-Mail from you, our Operation Department will reply promptly and confirm your request(s).

    We understand that your time is valuable, you don’t have to call to confirm. If there are any questions we will contact you. It is our commitment to have all the details right the first time.

  • Always Supporting You

    We work very close with you. We check our schedule constantly for you and remind you of any future appointments.

    We will verify this with the facilities as well as you and your client(s) to advise of any reminders and or changes. We will also coordinate with them the pickup time if our Transportation Service is required.

  • A Pleasent Voice

    There are no complicated options to dial or choose from automative services. Our friendly personal service is available 24/7 without miss understandings and mistakes that come with automative systems.

    The right person will always be taking care of you and all your business needs. (This means no being transferred around to multiple departments).

  • Others

    All your needs of service with one communication, one person, one company because:

    ‘We are the other half of your efforts”

More Solutions!

Very simply we are always the "People that gets the job done" you will get the best service direct from us. We ensure you that all your cases will be covered by a Professional Interpreter and Professional Transportation.

Our Interpretation Service: We provide our service in a manner so that you feel our secure and are receiving the highest quality service with the least amount of cost in the most effective manner possible. You can count on us to have punctuality in every assigment and the most accurate quality control in the industry. We are experts in the field!

Our Transportation Service: We have the complete understanding of the scope of your business and your needs; our national coverage diligently ensures prompt and reliable services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

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